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Frequently Asked Questions



How to Shop for Prescription Sportswear


Finding Sportswear suitable for Prescription Lenses is simple. Simply look for the "Rx" logo displayed in the top right corner of all prescription compatible sunglasses, when searching for your ideal pair. By clicking “NEXT” you can select whether what type of prescription you would like your Sports Eyewear for, or whether you would just like them as they are without the prescription.


Q. Sportswear I like do not display this logo?


A. If a pair do not feature this logo then we're sorry but that due to the type of the frame displayed, prescription lenses will not be suitable and can only therefore be purchased as normal sportswear.


Q. What tint options are available?


A. Our intuitive site will show what tints and coatings are available for each pair of sunglasses available, including Polarised, Transitions, Full Tints and Graduated Tints.


Q. How long do prescription sports glasses take to complete?


A. Generally take 7 – 10 working days for manufacture but can take longer depending on the frame availability and glazing techniques involved.


Q. I already have a pair, can I have them reglazed to a new prescription?


A. Yes, we can reglaze your sports glasses if they have already had prescription lenses fitted previously as we know that your frame can take prescription lenses. Some sportswear cannot be fitted with prescription lenses so if you are unsure if your frame is suitable just contact us and we can advise you.



The costs of prescription lenses can vary depending on the complexity of the prescription, and the curvature and dimensions of the frame. If your costs vary to those pre-calculated by the OpticWorld site, we will contact you to discuss the cost differences before we go ahead with production.


If in doubt you can always send us a picture of your frames to with a description of what you would like fitted and we can give you a closer idea of

your costs prior to sending in your frames.