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How to order your lenses

Ordering lenses online with OpticWorld is a very easy process:

1 - Obtain your contact lens prescription / specification from your Opticians
2 - Use our easy to use refining system to find your lenses via type, brand or manufacturer.
3 - Enter your prescription, quantities required and personal details.
4 - Your lenses should arrive with you within the next 5-7 working days. We will contact you if there are any problems with your order.


1 - Obtain your contact lens prescription

Your lens prescription should be issued to you by your opticians every time they perform a contact lens check up for you on your lenses, however this is not commonplace in the UK and you may need to ask your optician for it on your next visit.

We can make this easier for you at OpticWorld as you have your contact lens details on the packaging of your lenses. As long as you know that your checkups are up to date (within the last year) you can place your order for your regular lenses and we can confirm this with your opticians for you. If for some reason they can’t do this then ask them to e mail, fax or post your prescription to you.

Your Optician has a legal duty to provide you with your contact lens prescription if you ask for it. They are not allowed to charge you for it so please don’t pay your Optician for this service.


2 - Use our easy to use refining system to find your lenses via type, brand or manufacturer.

We supply all major branded contact lenses available in the UK and will in most cases even be able to match up most of your opticians own brand lenses. Our easily refinable website makes it really easy to find your exact contact lenses and show you how much you are saving… Search for your lenses via, Brand, Lens Type or by the Lens Manufacturer.


3 - Enter Your prescription, quantities required and personal details.

Using the drop down sections, enter your prescription details for you lenses, checking carefully that they are correct. Add the quantity you require and click “NEXT”.

We wil then ask you to add the name and address of the opticians that performs your checkups and aftercare. We do this for your own safety, to make sure that what your ordering EXACTLY fits the specifications given by your opticians.

If you’ve been wearing your contact lenses for a while the chances are that you’ll know the key parts of your prescription (e.g. the power of your lenses and the brand). However, your full prescription has some additional details which any supplier of contact lenses needs to verify with your Optician (e.g. the base curve, diameter etc…)

If however you upload a scan of your prescription issued to you b
y your contact lens optician we need not call them at all, and so give you the option of how we confirm your details.

If you have used us before then just login and these details will already be stored on our systems and you need not re-enter them unless your details have changed.

4 – Order Confirmation


Once your order is confirmed and validated we will organise to get your lenses dispatched out to you, which in general takes between 3-5 working days. If for any reason the details you enter do not match we will contact you immediately to try and resolve any issues found.