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How to Order Your Specs

1 – Choose your ideal frames


Using our easy to use frame gallery you can refine your choice of glasses using many different categories, being able to specify the colour, brand and even the shape of the spectacles you want. You can even put in a price range that you were looking at spending.


2 – Choose the type of lenses that you need your glasses for:

We produce spectacles for all purposes including Single Vision lenses for Distance, Computer and Reading Tasks, Bifocals and Varifocals.


3 – Choose the thickness of your lenses


We help you here to choose the material of lens to best match your prescription. If you have a high prescription then thinning the lenses is necessary to make them wearable (lighter / flatter and thinner)


4 – Choose your lens quality


Here is where we differ- Unlike other online optical websites, OpticWorld allows you to specify the quality of the lenses, when it comes to Varifocals. Typically most companies will offer you a set lens type for a set price. 

OpticWorld offers you the same great lenses that you would receive from your high street opticians but for a greatly reduced price still with the same guarantees that you would expect from your high street opticians.


5 – Choose what extras you would like on your lenses


OpticWorld offers you the choice to add tints, transitions, polarised coatings and Anti Reflection coatings to all lenses where they are available. This means that you can create a fantastic pair of sunglasses, just as easily as you can make a pair of clear lenses.


6 – Entering your prescription


We know that prescriptions can be difficult to understand so we try and make it a little easier to understand how to enter this into the website. We also have a complete section to help you understand your prescription.

We also have an upload section here so if you would prefer to scan your prescription and attach it to your order you can.


We also require that you enter your PD (pupil distance) to aid us in centering your lenses correctly. We have 2 ways in which you can do this: by entering it manually, or by using our measuring facility which allows you to print a PD measuring scale, taking a picture holding the scale and sending it back to us… Simple and just like having it measured in practice…


7 – Confirm your order and make your payment.


8 – Once your payment is confirmed you will receive an email showing that we have received your order and that all is being checked and put into production.


9 – Once your glasses are ready we will let you know they are being dispatched and when you should receive them.

10 – Your order can be viewed at any time in you’re my account section of the site.


The simple and professional way to order your optical products and save you time and money.