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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about your Contact Lens Prescription

What should be included in a contact lens prescription?

All contact lens prescriptions should contain all of the following items:

1. The name and address of the patient
2. Date of birth (if under the age of 16 on the date the prescription was issued)
3. Practice details where the contact lens examination was done
4. Name and registration number (GOC number) of the testing optician
5. Address of the opticians practice
6. Start date of the prescription
7. Expiry date of the prescription
8. Brand name of contact lenses (e.g. Acuvue Moist 1 Day)
9. Powers of lens for right eye & left eye, cylinder and axis if required
10. Base curve for right eye & left eye
11. Diameter for right eye & left eye
12. Any extra lens powers if required for multi-focal lenses

Do I need to send you a physical copy of my prescription?

That is one way for us to verify your prescription, however we can do all your verifications for you by filling in your opticians details when you order and we will call them to verify that all your details are correct and up to date for you.. You can fax us a copy of you contact lens prescription or scan it and email it to us. By completing our online order form you will submit to us electronically all of the details we need from your prescription.

Do I have to pay for a copy of my prescription?

No. Your Optician is legally obliged to provide you with your prescription at no charge. It is one of their duties as a clinical practitioner. The vast majority of Opticians are fully aware of their obligations to you as a patient and will not try and charge you for your prescription. Please be wary of any Optician that tries to charge you for your prescription.

Is my contact lens prescription the same as my glasses prescription?

No. Your contact lens prescription contains different information to your glasses prescription. Contact lenses sit on the front surface of the eye whereas your glasses sit at a distance from the eyes requiring a different prescription power to that of your contacts. Please do not try and guess your contact lens prescription from your glasses prescription. Key items (such as the power of lenses) that you might expect to be the same will be different.

My Optician won’t give me my prescription. Is that right?

The only reason you opticians may have for not issuing you a copy of your prescription is if you have only recently been fitted with a new type of contact lens. Your optician may want to recheck your lens fitting after a 3 month period of wear before they are happy to issue your prescription to you.

Unlike a normal sight test where you receive a copy of you test results after each test, it’s become customary for patients to have to ask for their prescription before they receive it for contact lenses. All you have to do is call your Optician and request that a copy of your prescription be sent to you either via e-mail, fax or post.

I feel awkward about phoning up my Optician and asking for my prescription.

There’s no real reason to feel awkward about asking for your prescription details and most Opticians won’t hesitate in providing you with your prescription. This is now common practice across the UK and your opticians are still your healthcare provider, completing your sight tests and contact lens checkups. Remember they are there to help you and asking for a copy of your prescription is one of your statutory legal rights as a patient. Most Opticians are more than happy to provide their patients with their contact lens prescription.

My contact lens prescription is about to expire?

Contact your Optician and organise a contact lens examination. If your eyes are still well suited to contact lenses your Optician will issue you with a new prescription.

I am on a contact lenses direct debit scheme which provides me with free contact lens examinations and aftercare from my Optician.

Your monthly payment within the direct debit scheme is split into two or three parts: fees for professional care, the cost of the contact lenses and (for monthly lenses) the costs of solutions. If you ask your current supplier for the breakdown of your monthly payment they will provide it for you. The cost of a contact lens checkup on average across the UK is between £25 and £45. If you work out the cost of a years supply of lenses from OpticWorld, plus the cost of a checkup with your optician and this is cheaper than you are currently paying, then we can obviously help you save on your yearly costs.

Opticians break down their monthly fees for direct debits or costs for their contact lens boxes INCLUDING the costs of their contact lens checkups and normal profit margins. They can then offer you inclusive checkups each year as the costs you are paying have already covered their costs.



Questions about your Optician

Do I need to do anything when I am at my opticians?


We recommend you do two things when you are at your opticians practice:

1. Ensure that you are fitted with a reputable brand of contact lenses that you trust
2. Request a copy of your prescription when you leave

Patients should be automatically given a copy of their prescription after an eye examination (in the same way that your doctor will give you a copy of your prescription and keep another copy for himself). For contact lenses, in some practices, you typically need to ask your optician for it. Don’t worry if you forget to ask for your prescription, it’s a 1 minute phone-call to request that you be e mailed, faxed or posted a copy of your prescription.

What is a contact lens fitting?

A contact lens fitting is the process that you need to go through with your Optician when you either try contact lenses for the first time or you change the type of contact lenses that you wear. Your optician assesses if a particular contact lens meets your specific needs.
They will provide you with trial lenses and at the end of your contact lens fitting period you will be issued with a prescription. On your request, your optician will provide you with a copy of your prescription and you will have all of the information that you need in order to purchase your contact lenses online.

What is aftercare?

Aftercare is the professional care and advice that contact lens wearers require after they have been fitted for contact lenses and are wearing them. Contact lens checkups are generally performed on an annual basis and will review the health of your eyes and lenses and will ask you questions about your lens wear to see if there are any areas that can be improved.


Do I still need to go to my optician for contact lens check ups?


Yes. Your contact lens prescription is only valid until the date of your next scheduled check up. This is typically 12 months from the date of your last check up. We will send you a reminder when we think you are due for another contact lens examination which should run in sync with your opticians reminders. Regular contact lens examinations are a core part of patient aftercare. These check ups give your optician the chance to check the health of your eyes. We recommend that you go for a contact lens check up at least every year.

Can I have a contact lens examination at the opticians without having to purchase lenses from there?

Yes. You do not have to buy your contact lenses from the opticians practice that you have your examinations at. However, if you’re being fitted with a completely new brand of contact lenses (or your first ever pair of contact lenses) you may have to buy those lenses from your optician for up to three months. They will then perform another check up just to make sure that the lenses are working perfectly and then you can be issued a prescription to use with OpticWorld.

How much money will I be able to save by buying from OpticWorld?

We have saved customers up to £260 per year from the costs they were paying from their local opticians. The optical marked has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and many opticians have not changed their pricing strategy and are still charging their customers too much for their lenses. Your savings will vary depending on your lens types and on your opticians but take a look at the costs of your current lenses and see how much you can save…

Can I buy a different brand to the one that I am wearing today because it looks cheaper?

Unfortunately not. Most lenses available are made with slightly different parameters to each other, even if they are both daily disposable lenses, however some opticians and optical groups use the normal branded lenses and “Own-Brand” them. These lenses are the same specifications and yes these can be bought from us. We will show all the own branded lenses available.


Can I order as large a supply of contact lenses as I want to?

You can order contact lenses to last you until the end of your current prescription. For example, if you have 6 months remaining on your prescription you can buy 6 months supply of lenses.


I wear an Optician’s own brand set of lenses. Can I buy my lenses from OpticWorld?

Typically Own-Brand lenses are the large manufacturers branded lenses with new packaging around them and therefore exactly the same lenses as sold on OpticWorld. If we have the lenses shown on or Own Brand page then you can buy the lenses from us. We will only ever supply our customers with EXACTLY the same lenses (regardless of brand packaging) that they have been fitted with, as this is what your opticians are happy is the best fitting contacts for you.


What if I order contact lenses which have not been prescribed to me?


We check every order that is placed and will verify all prescriptions before an order is processed. We will only supply contact lenses that have been prescribed to you by your opticians. We are all working to provide you with the ideal healthcare for your eyes.


Who supplies OpticWorld with contact lenses?

The same manufacturers that supply your opticians. We are supplied directly by the major manufacturers of contact lenses (i.e. Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision and Bausch & Lomb). We have good relationships with all of our suppliers and have been working with them for over 12 years.


How long does it take to receive my contact lenses?

Your lenses will be processed as soon as your prescription is verified. If you have ordered from us before and your prescription is still valid, your lenses will be processed immediately. Delivery is typically 3-5 working days.


Your Account Details With OpticWorld

I have a new prescription. How do I update my OpticWorld account?

Login to the OpticWorld website by adding your email address and password at the top of the page. Now you are logged in, Click on the My Account button to show your personal section. For Contact Lenses, click on “Contact Lens Details” and this will bring up your opticians details and the date of your last checkup, where you can modify your details.

For Spectacles, click on “Spectacle Prescription Details” and this will bring up your prescription and opticians details, where you can modify your details. Make sure to save your changes before you exit.

My personal details have changed, how do I update my account?

Login to the OpticWorld website by adding your email address and password at the top of the page. Now you are logged in, Click on the My Account button to show your personal section. Click on “Edit your personal details” and this will bring up your personal details.


How do I check my order history?

Login to the OpticWorld website by adding your email address and password at the top of the page. Now you are logged in, Click on the My Account button to show your personal section. Click on “View Your Orders” and this will bring up your personal details


I have forgotten my password?


Just send us an email and we will email you back with your login details. Alternatively leave the password section blank and try to log in. A massage above the box will appear showing "forgotten your password?" Click this link and an email will be sent to you with your current password.